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Why not grow your business in Slovenia

Why not grow your business in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small and safe country that lies right in the middle of tone of the world’s most exciting business regions, which provides a geostrategic position ideal to do business with European, as well as other countries – a market of 150 million people within 600 kilometres around Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Extreme smallness in population and land area are the country’s two main attributes for potential foreign investors.

First, Slovenia is rich in natural resources which countries with high population growth lack, and secondly, skilled labour is available to a range of industries. In this regard, Slovenia is an easy location for investors to fill resource and talent gaps. Other advantages include adaptability of companies and of workforce, business legislation, investment incentives, investment tax allowances, and 19 % corporate income tax rate, the second lowest among OECD members.


  • Slovenia is a small, but interesting and relatively rich market;
  • Slovenia market has proved to be attractive for foreign investors, especially those in services as an EU member country;
  • Slovenia is a part of the EU internal market, meaning that establishing a company in Slovenia offers access to the largest world market;
  • Slovenia is an ideal springboard for doing business with the countries of South Eastern Europe;
  • Slovenia has a comprehensive connections with economically important regions in the neighbouring Austria and Italy, and in nearby Germany;
  • High quality, well-educated and motivated labour force with good knowledge of foreign languages and high level of computer literacy;
  • Growing technological level and innovation activity of Slovenian firms, and quality research institutions;
  • High export propensity of the Slovenian economy and outward FDI of Slovenian firms;
  • Excellent geographical position, quality infrastructure with comprehensive transport and telecommunication network, fast development of information society;
  • Quality education system;
  • High level of investor’s protection;
  • Favourable profit tax;
  • High quality of life.


Food Industry

Natural water, salt, honey, dairy products – Slovenia's natural resources and rich traditions owing to its well preserved nature, offer a stating ground for the growing number of organic food producers.

Forestry and wood

The most typical feature of the Slovenian landscape is its forests, which cover 66% of the national territory. The industry employs some 11,000 people in over 1,000 companies – bedrock of skills and technical expertise for investors to exploit.

High, New and Green Technology

Advanced technological solutions, ongoing investments in R&D, highest quality production processes, spirited innovation and widespread ecological awareness in the greenest of Europe's natural environments are firmly integrated in the development and production strategies of an increasingly wide array of ambitious, forward-looking Slovenian companies.


Slovenia is an ideal destination for tourists who want a broad range of experiences in a short period of time. Diverse landscape with many indigenous animal and plant species. Foreigners are coming to Slovenia primarily in the summer months, and interested the most in larger cities and mountain resorts and other natural sites. Business opportunities you can find construction and management of luxury wellness centres, transformation of old castles into conference centres or casinos, and luxury hotels and last but not least construction of golf courses and first-class golf clubs.


Slovenia lies right in the middle of one of the world's most exciting business regions. It sits on the intersection of several of Europe's historical crossroads. Transport by rail and road prevails over air traffic due to Slovenia’s short distances. And unlike many Central and Eastern European countries, Slovenia also has direct access to the sea through the Port of Koper. The most important investor countries are: Austria (33,6%), Switzerland (11,3%), Germany (10,4%), Italy (7,9%), Croatia (7,7%). Additional information HERE. Potential investment opportunities can be found HERE.

Export goods - commodities
Export goods -  commodities
Machinery and transport equipment
Manufactured goods
Fuels and lubricants
Export - partners
Export - partners
Germany - 19.1%,
Italy - 10.6%
Austria - 8%
Croatia - 6.8%
Slovakia - 4.7%
Hungary - 4.4%
France - 4.2%
Import goods - commodities
Import goods -  commodities
Machinery and transport equipment
Manufactured goods
Fuels and lubricants
Import - partners
Import - partners
Germany 16.5%
Italy 13.6%
Austria 10.2%
China 5.5%
Croatia 5.1%
Turkey 4%


If you are searching for a supplier or planning to set up or relocate an export business, choosing Slovenia could be the best decision you ever made. Slovenia enjoys advantages in terms of location, environment, science and technology, and others. As such, it offers a supportive environment for emerging business looking to thrive internationally through its technically-savvy workforce and pro-business infrastructure. Slovenia’s appeal is not a low-cost manufacturing but the reputation of its technology – and innovation-driven industries.


The newest mechanism called »one stop shop« intended for company investments provides comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, and consultation on overcoming initial obstacles at starting a company, which makes it easier for investors to penetrate into the Slovenian market.


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