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Welcome to the world of complete support.

Welcome to the world of complete support.

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Life in Slovenia

Slovenia is small country is situated on the south of the central Europe.






Work/Residence permit

With this permission, a foreigner has the right to stay and work in Slovenia.



Work and residence permit- citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Work and residence permit- citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Why choose us

The complete business support, we provide, saves a lot of time and money due to the unfamiliarity with Slovenian legislation.



Satisfied customers

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Years of experience


Professionalism, promptness, accuracy and kindness are the qualities of your work. As your client, I feel safe in the business.Thanks and compliments to your staff who always have the will, the time, the patience, and above all the expertise to dedicate to us. As a client I am very pleased with communication and the speed of resolving problems. I always get all the answers that are professional and backed by knowledge of the laws of which there are endless amounts for a small business ownerthey are simply impossible to follow. So I feel very comfortable when for information oradvice I can call my accounting from which I will always quickly get a solution for ongoing problems or the answer to a question.

OKIĆ- Transporti d.o.o.

If you don’t have a good accountant, you better not start a business. The Proevent team makes sure that we can do our business peacefully. Visits to them are always fun because of the positive atmosphere 🙂 ”

Peterca Jaka, Director of (www.spanskavas.si)

The Proevent Accounting Service is characterized by professionalism and precision, and our caregiver is ready to come to your aid and respond to each question as soon as possible. At our translation agency we are very pleased with Proevevnt,so we are happy to recommend them further.

Marko Hozjan, Director (https://taia.io/)

We are very pleased to be working with PROEVENT in the field of accounting. They have a professional attitude and expertise. They are always friendly, always accessible and responsive. Thank you so much for all your help! We also want further development.

Anastasiia Fadeeva, Director (www.ohdesign.studio)

Proevent Accounting has been following us from humble beginnings,when we did business as a standard sole entrepreneur, to this day,when we restructured the company after years of successful operationsas a LLC. They are fast, responsive and initiative. Accounting and consulting services are provided in a quality and professional manner.I highly recommend it!

Mito Žnidarko, CEO of EU Sphere d.o.o. (www.eusfera.si)

Proevent is built by people who always welcome me with a smile,positive energy, they are experts in their field and have a professional attitude. Still, they keep that oneat home atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable, and which creates confidence.

Andrej Nadrih, Director (anok-andrej-nadrih-sp.business.site)

Professional, friendly helpful. Since working with them, we have greatly improved business optimization with their tips.They always take the time for the customer and devote themselves to us. And above all, they also serve you a cup of coffee.

Teodor Glogovec, Director (www.saniteh.si)

To provide a wide range of services and end-to-end solutions at the field of visual communication requires the ability, the ingenuity and knowledge of our employees and our partners. Successfully completed projects and satisfaction of our customers, confirms the ability of our team. And part of our team are our partners among which the Proevent company also belongs to.

Predanic Peter, Director (http://www.rsn.si)

As distributors of foils for glass surfaces, tools and other related products,mostly used in the graphics industry, we offer high quality one-stop solutions. Many different solutions represent a large number of materials and there are a lot of variables in terms of accounting,such as values ​​and accounts. We admit that this is not our area.But this is the area of ​​our partners, Proevent. They guarantee that we can provide you … simply more than others.

Primoz Davidovic, Director (http://ikonosmedia.si)

We have been cooperating with PROEVENT D.O.O. for 4 years now. They are very reliable, fast, efficient. All our questions and requests are answered by usin a very short time or immediately. Very satisfied. Highly recommended.

Martin Dodič M.Sc., Director, MED TRUST d.o.o. (www.medtrust.si)

An innovative business model that connects and brings together like-minded businesses and individuals. We are delighted to have found just that at Proevent. A company that is willing to work together and support us on our way and with us to participate in projects that are different, fresh and innovative. We believe it will be ours with each other cooperation with time is even more pronounced and we will be together you can step outside the framework of classic business models. We reccoment to join on this journey with Proevent too!

Maja Teršek, P2P Engineering (www.p2pinzeniring.si)

“Proevent is a SILA IWCL partner for already some years and its team is amazing.They take care of the Association’s interests and guide us with all the help needed.”

Mart Berglez, SILA IWCL President https://www.sila.si/

Our company decided to change accounting firm and Proevent was highly recommended to us. Their offer was acceptable and highly competitive. Helping about everyday dilemmas that normally require immediate solving, immediate response me accountant friendliness are those advantages that make us remain loyal customers of Proevent Accounting Firm. I never have the feeling that I’m wrong and “I’m annoying.” Their advice, often “worth gold” and legally founded, is worth our money.

Mirjam Kepic, CEO (Privoščite d.o.o.)

“Our City of Communications comes to life again when issues of a more ‘bureaucratic’ nature are also normalised. Proevent Accounting Firm professionally ensures that our city business is at an appropriate level, while a beautiful co-operation has built an appropriate mutual trust, which leads to an even greater success for our agency. In other words, with the help of Proevent Accounting Firm the residents of our city live a beautiful full life.”

IR IMAGE d.o.o. (www.ir-image.si)

“We are a reliable modern construction company. We solve the most complex projects thanks to our knowledge, expertise and diligence. We have a team of over 200 qualified professionals, which enables us to operate effectively hout the entire construction area. We know that if we want to participate in the market successfully, ust rely on a professional, reliable and up to date accounting company, which is Proevent Accounting et their full support in the fields of accounting, human resource consulting and legal advice…”

Remzit Ravmanovski, director (www.gradbenistvo-ravmanovski.si)

“Together with our partners, we build long-term and trusting relationships, in which professionalism and responsiveness are conditions for participation. The field of accounting is certainly one of the most important elements for the successful and efficient business of every company. Therefore, we have decided to cooperate with Proevent Accounting Firm.”

Gregor Zalaznik, director www.decra.net

“We are very satisfied with the services of ProEvent Accounting Firm. In particular, we like their responsiveness, professionalism and reliability. They help us in various administration tasks, which saves us a lot of time.””

Rok Zobavnik, director www.sanelec.si

“They respond very quickly to our needs and problems. We are really thrilled by the invoicing software they provided us with. I was surprised by their quick response and willingness to help, even at late hours and during non-working days. Keep this up!”

Božo Rušnov, director floralimage.si

“We have been working with Proevent d.o.o. for a long time. We like that they do not consider our company just a figure to be calculated, book-keeping or some routine task to be done. They actually look deeply into issues and give advice. Updating, correctness and kindness are very important virtues for us. That is why we sincerely thank their team for their cooperation.”

Igor Martinšek, direktor http://www.terragis.si/


“I really like your friendly attitude towards customers and your quick response. The numerous useful tips I received in the were certainly a good reason for me to recommend you to other firms.”

Oblak Zdravko, director www.kkoblak.si

“Zdravstvena dejavnost je zavezana k specifičnim pravilom in zakonom. Zato nam je pri računovodskem servisu pomembno predvsem zaupanje v strokovnost njegovih storitev z zakonom. Prav vse to nam ponuja računovodski servis Proevent,..so strokovni, zanesljivi, natančni, odzivni in konkurenčni…z veseljem vas priporočim “

Ana Franjković, dr. dent. med., Mirna Franjković, dr. dent. med. www.skylab-dental.si/

“We are very satisfied with PROEVENT Accounting Firm services. We are impressed by the friendliness, responsiveness and professionalism of its team. It mainly stands out for efficiency compared to our previous accounting firms. The Proevent team has the remarkable ability to adapt to our needs and desires, which saves us a lot of time.”

Markuš Aleš, director www.avtosola-ideal.si

“I was surprised by your quick response, friendliness and professionalism. It is certainly a good reason for me to recommend you further. I am glad that I am not considered just a number. Personal and human relationships mean a lot to me!”

Enes Durić, izvršni director (www.geslo.si)

“Quite a few times we have thought about changing accounting firm. The decision was not easy because we were afraid that the process could be complex and long. Therefore, the surprise was even greater when we finally decided to do it. We are only sorry the transition did not take place earlier. Proevent Accounting Firm consists of a team of professionals who provide our institution with comprehensive support at any time and, as far as the monthly flat rate is concerned, also give free advice in addition to book-keeping.”

Neža Koren, director (www.rikus.si)